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Ill ask nicely the first time

Ill ask nicely the first time

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coming down to the point where I see people having fun and im like I HATE SUMMEr because I cant enjoy it 

im just bein salty

You BETTER learn to RESPECT and appreciate the good people in your life. before they are gone. Nothing lasts forever. You’re going to look back and feel like a huge shit hole if you don’t start to appreciate and be thankful for the people who raised you, the people that have taken care of you, the people who have looked out for you; unconditionally.

Too many people give too many shits about individuals that will COME and GO. Open your eyes to the REAL people who care.

Stop being so damn selfish and get over yourself. 


BANKS - Drowning

BANKS is so damn perfect


"You plagiarized a sentence in an essay? Expelled & we’ll make it hard for you to enroll into another school ever again."

"You raped and assaulted a student on campus? You can come back to school."

fuck the education system

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Flume & Kanye West – Insane (White Panda Vocal Edit)

Loving the cover art

hell yes

"Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not."

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"Go on your great adventure again, we’ll be waiting at the end"

so unlike Pure Heroine. back to the beginning, before she blew up.I listened to this song on no ends last fall. Jeez, the memories… back when I had a long commute home and the sun set early and the trees were browning.

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Note to self: purchase large bag of pretzels before I start a study session…….

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How do people claim to be so “preoccupied” that they lock their child in a hot car with the windows up… That isn’t being “distracted”, that is being negligent.